Set The Table

This one goes out to all the hard workingmen and women out there.  You know who you are.  It doesn’t mean that you work outside of the home to work hard.  Over the last 10 + years, I have worked both inside and outside the home.  They both have their challenges.

Come on…  You know what I am talking about…  When you work within the home, it doesn’t exactly meet the financial needs that you would like.  And when you work outside the home, you don’t meet the needs of the home period…  I found my self-struggling to “Keep” my house when I was working a full time job.  I didn’t have time to go to the grocery, let alone have time to cook.  By the time I got everyone picked up in the afternoon and headed home, I was exhausted and couldn’t think of cooking anything…  So… We would order pizza, go thru the drive thru, or run to the grocery and grab one of those roasted whole chickens…  You know that always makes you feel like your feeding your family a decent meal…

I didn’t feel like I was doing what I was suppose to do as a mother and wife.

Although being a stay at home mom has it’s perks, it seems that I’m gone more than I am home.  There is always a Doctor or dentist appointment, a field trip, an errand that the husband needs me to run, or something else that finds its way into my schedule.  Truth is…  Being a wife and mom and isn’t my only job.  I am a minister of the gospel and there is always a phone call, a meeting, or answering emails.  I truly do LOVE my job!!!  But at times I still struggle with that 5pm hour rolling around and wondering what I am going to do for dinner.

One thing that I love more than anything is taking care of my family…  That is one of my love languages…  I love to have an incredible meal made for them when they walk thru the door.  I love hearing them say, “what is that wonderful smell?”  I love that they want to help set the table for dinner and having everyone in the kitchen as I am putting the final touches on the meal.  Then my favorite is seeing them bless and eat the food that God allowed us to have that day.

There is no amount of money that you can put on the time spent around that dinner table.  We don’t have the TV on, or any phones or electronics, but we talk and tell each other about our day.  Our children will tell you that we are going to ask the question “What did you do to help someone today?”  Therefore they make it a point to do something nice for someone everyday.  These moments around the table, you can’t get at a restaurant or a drive thru.  So I have decided to make it a point to have a meal around the table almost every night.

On Saturday I sit down with my family and ask them what meals they would like to have that week.  Then, we set a menu.  I make a grocery list for the items needed to make each meal.  When I go to the store, I am not wandering around just throwing stuff in the cart to come home with nothing that actually goes together, but I go with a vision and plan.

I use my crockpot a lot!  I enjoy allowing the main course to cook and stay warm all day.  If all I have to do is cook the sides in the afternoon, I am not tempted to say, “I had a really busy day and I’d rather grab something out.”  We get to enjoy a home cooked meal and family fellowship all at the same time!

Life is busy, but these memories you are creating with your family will last a lifetime.  And it’s cheaper than eating out!  I did the math!  I am not saying you have to cook from scratch and do it perfect, but anything you make special for your house is what counts.

As women it seems that we look at the Proverbs 31 woman and wonder if we will ever reach that in life.  She is amazing…  And I think she lives in each of us.  We may not see the fullness of her yet, but loving and meeting the needs of our family is a good start to become more like her.

I want to encourage you parents to invest in your family.  That is an investment that you will never regret!  You are showing your children that they are valued and loved, and they will one day give what has been given to them.

We can change our future by changing our present.




  1. Suzie
    Mar 27, 2014

    Such a timely message!! As a mom, I have dealt with these same feelings and it’s so hard to feel like you’re not making the best decision. I chose to walk away from working a full time job so I could stay home and raise my children. And I feel so blessed to have been able to do that because our son is now 19 and works in the music ministry at church and also has his own Christian Rock band. And our daughter is 15 and involved in the music and dance drama ministry at church. No money in the world can buy that!! Thank you for sharing your heart!! You are an inspiration.

    • Amanda Crabb
      Mar 27, 2014

      Thank you for sharing Suzie… Yes, I am happy to be home meeting all my families needs. There are many women who can do both and do it well! I know many of them. I would always look at my friends who were busier than I and think… What am I doing wrong? We must not compare ourselves to what others do, but do what is best for our house!

      I am about to fully emerge myself as a full time Pastors wife. I know life is bound to only get busier, but I plan to always set our family table and spend that quality time together!
      Blessings to you!~

  2. Debbie kearns
    Mar 27, 2014

    Amanda I Love reading your posts..they are a great inspiration ..I agree with you about sitting at the table and sharing the day.. you are a wonderful. wife,mother, ane your ministry inspires all women ..thank you for the blessing ..

    • Amanda Crabb
      Mar 27, 2014

      Thank you Debbie. I am just like every other woman in the world who struggles to balance life. It doesn’t come easy, but with much prayer and covering in the word, we are More than Conquerors!

  3. Kayla
    Mar 27, 2014

    Amanda, I believe that the family table is rare in today’s busy world. Thank you for sharing this message. The effort we make preparing a meal for those we love will never be wasted. Investing in our families is a high calling and a privilege for every mother, working outside or inside the home. When serving our families is done with love and as unto the Lord, even the most mundane tasks become a ministry and glorify Him. I love your posts…your family is on my prayer list and I speak for many members of Cornerstone Church when I say you and Aaron will be missed. On a personal note, you have been a very kind and loving mentor to my oldest daughter who serves with you in the choir and on praise team, and I want you thank you for that. You have blessed more lives than you will ever know by humbly living for His glory. I don’t know how you juggle it all, but I imagine it starts every day on your knees before His throne!!! (((Hugs))) and blessings to you, dear one, you are an inspiration.

    • Amanda Crabb
      Mar 27, 2014

      Thank you Kayla. I too believe it is a rare thing in todays world., and it is such important time lost.
      We will miss everyone at Cornerstone probably more than we will be missed. We have formed such precious relationships over the last 4 1/2 years. We will miss the members of our praise team most! They are such dedicated and geniune servents of the Lord. We have been honored to get to know them and although it seems that we are pouring into their lives, they have poured into ours equally! Blessings to you in all you do!

  4. Joyce
    Mar 27, 2014

    Amanda, you and Aaron touch my heart each week when you are at Cornerstone. Your love for the Lord Jesus and His people is so evident in your worship.
    I am 70 yrs old now, I have worked both at home as a full time Mom and outside the home. We raised 4 wonderful children and are so blessed even today with loving family.(8 grands and 1 great grand)
    We always made a point to eat supper (dinner) I’m country!!! together when possible. Like you I wouldn’t take anything for those moments. On Sun after Church and lunch we played games together as a family. Our children are in their 40′s and 30′s now and still remember those times fondly.
    I still can’t cook for 2. I cook a pot of chili or soup or spagetti and freeze serving size portions. The days I work, I don’t have to come home and cook.
    I am praying for you and your family as you make your move to TN. I live in Tn now about 100 miles from Nashville.
    Love and prayers

    • Amanda Crabb
      Mar 27, 2014

      Joyce those are wonderful memories you will hold dear to your heart forever. God gives us these little gifts to help guide for a season. We must learn to cherish our families and not take them for granted. Thank you for your kind words about my husband and I. We do love people and truly love God with all our heart. We have been blessed to be a part of Cornerstone and will miss all the people that God has allowed us to connect with. Thankful for Social media where we can all stay connected! Blessings to you!

  5. Morgan
    Mar 28, 2014

    I love reading your posts and this one came RIGHT on time. Yesterday was my last day in the office. Up until this past year I was keeping children at home so I could be at home with my boys. When they turned 13 this past year (twins) I got a job as a medical coder. I was sick from worry every single day and after praying withy husband about it, I decided to approach the owners about working from home full-time. To my amazement, they said yes! So today is a fun day – taking the boys to see God’s Not Dead and then Monday I start working from home- while they are in school. God truly has blessed me. I always said it would be easier to work outside the home when they were older, but I think that statement was a little off! Thank you!

    • Amanda Crabb
      Mar 29, 2014

      I agree with you. My oldest is almost 10 years old, and he depends just as much on me at this age as he ever has. It’s different from a 3 year old, but now we have homework, school projects, social life… LOL… I tell my husband all the time that our life is not our own. The last 2 weekends everything we have done has surrounded them and their social lives. It is wonderful that you had a boss that is allowing you to take your job home… Not everyone is so blessed to do that. May God give you everything that you need to accomplish it all and do it well!!!

      Blessings to you and your new adventure!!!

  6. Maria Calvillo
    Mar 28, 2014

    Amanda I so enjoyed your post. My two children are grown up now one married and one in college. The memories we made around our dinner table when are children were small are countless. I so treasure them forever. We still get together once a week for dinner/family time at my house were I cook one of their favorite things to eat from their childhood. :) I love your crock pot idea as this is something I heavily relied on when my kids were small because I was a full time mother and full time employee out of the home. But, somehow God always gave me the strength to make an impact in their lives around the dinner table with a homemade dinner. May you continue to inspire women and men with your beautiful spirit and ministry. Love to you and Aaron, Maria Calvillo

    • Amanda Crabb
      Mar 29, 2014

      Thank you for your comment Maria. I look forward to hosting family dinners even when my children are older as well! Crock Pot is my best friend! It leaves me no excuses… God gives women many talents. We just learn how to juggle, even when it’s not easy… It is best to learn to rely on his strength and guidance for all things! Blessings to you in all you do.

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