Amanda’s Story

Amanda Crabb’s heart yearns to see the hopelessbecome hopeful once again, the bound be set free and those who have lost their way find their divine destiny through Jesus Christ. She longs to help those who are hungering and thirsting for more of Him, to reach those who need the Master’s touch.


Amanda doesn’t just talk the talk, but she walks the walk.  She ministers from a place of experience and love. We are all products of the events that have occurred in our lives, yet Amanda strives to not reflect the tragic pain of her past, instead working to facilitate a place of healing for the brokenhearted.


After years of torment, shame and defeat, Amandacried out for God to intervene in her life! In His faithfulness, He came and changed Amanda’s life in a supernatural way that irrevocably changed her. She now shares this gift of healing with the masses. We serve the God of all comfort. It doesn’t matter where life has taken you or the moment you lost all hope. You can take Christ to that Place and allow Him to breathe new life again.


Amanda Crabb married the love of her life, Aaron, in October of 2001. As a couple, they began singing together and writing powerfully-anointed lyrics seven years later.  God has richly blessed their ministry as they have received numerous award nominations and touched the lives of millions in the process. Their most recent project, Mercy, has a title track that says, “If I’m guilty let me be guilty of too much mercy.”


Another incredibly powerful song on this project is “Take Him to the Place.” This song came from a deep place in Amanda’s life and was written in Israel immediately after placing a prayer for God’s anointing in the Western Wall. This song is Amanda’s personal testimony, and will bless anyone who has ever felt completely hopeless or broken. God’s love is just waiting to heal the brokenness and pain inside of you, if you will only take Him to the place of your pain.


With many musical accolades to her name, her greatest joy comes from her three children: Elijah David, Eva Lynn and Ean William.  They are a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness and love in Amanda’s life, and her greatest joy!